MQTT Explorer

Tool to visualize your MQTT topics, a MQTT swiss-army knife

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MQTT Explorer

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Version 0.2.3

A MQTT Tool to get a quick overview of your MQTT topics and integrate new devices/services more efficiently.

  • Visualize topics and topic activity
  • Delete retained topics
  • Search/filter topics
  • Delete topic recursively
  • Publish topics
  • Plot numeric topics
  • Keep a history of each topic

MQTT Explorer strives to be THE MQTT swiss-army-knife. The perfect tool to integrate new services, IoT devices in your network.
The hierarchical view of your broker allows for a quick understanding what is going on.


Developing this tool takes a lot of effort, sweat and time, please consider rating the App on the Windows or Mac app store .
If you feel like a feature is missing or you found a bug, please leave me a comment / issue and I’ll see what I can do.

Platform   Downloads
windows Windows
portable, installer
mac Mac
ubuntu Ubuntu
also for debian, mint, neon, fedora, etc…

snap install mqtt-explorer
Ubuntu Store
linux Linux
almost every linux
Run AppImage:
Make it executable and double-click it.

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This App is optimized to handle thousands of topics and at hundreds of thousands messages per minute.

Custom subscriptions can limit the amount of messages MQTT Explorer needs to process, subscriptions can be managed in the advanced connection settings.
In very large productive environments brokers may handle an extreme load of topics, subscribing with a wildcard topic is in this scenario not advised.


PRs and issues are welcome.
Install with npm run install, build with npm run build

Start with npm run start

The app directory contains all the rendering logic, the backend directory currently contains the models, tests, connection management, src contains all the electron bindings. mqttjs is used to facilitate communication to MQTT brokers.

Automated Tests

To achieve a reliable product automated tests run regularly on travis.

  • Data model
  • MQTT integration
  • UI-Tests (The demo is a recorded ui test)

A mosquitto MQTT broker is required to run the ui-tests.

IoT Applications

List of useful IoT applications using MQTT to integrate devices / services


No personal data is processed, sent or stored.

The app sends telemetry and error reports, this enables me to quickly react on bugs/errors and understand what’s going on. Responding quickly to errors is one key element in producing a reliable software product.

It basically sends: app version, processor architecture, operating system, used memory, user interactions and error stacks.

Example telemetry

{ system: { arch: 'x64', platform: 'darwin' },
  appVersion: '0.0.7',
  events: { HELLO_EVENT: [ 1547714886134 ] },
  now: 1547714886135,
  transactionId: '1767d251-f492-4f2c-aa62-88add3acc26b' }
{ errors:
   [ { time: 1547714887921,
       message: 'He\'s dead Jim!',
        'Error: He\'s dead Jim!\n    at ./src/tracking.ts.exports.default (./mqtt-explorer/app/build/bundle.js:142765:11)\n    at new Promise (<anonymous>)\n    at Object../src/tracking.ts (./mqtt-explorer/app/build/bundle.js:142764:1)\n    at __webpack_require__ (./mqtt-explorer/app/build/bundle.js:20:30)\n    at Object../src/index.tsx (./mqtt-explorer/app/build/bundle.js:142618:1)\n    at __webpack_require__ (./mqtt-explorer/app/build/bundle.js:20:30)\n    at ../backend/node_modules/charenc/charenc.js.charenc.utf8.stringToBytes (./mqtt-explorer/app/build/bundle.js:84:18)\n    at ./mqtt-explorer/app/build/bundle.js:87:10' } ],
  now: 1547714887921,
  transactionId: '53bf9aac-e695-40cc-9a81-b1cf3398843d' }

Even though the data is purely technical, an option to disable telemetry is planned. #52